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Chiropractic Medicine

bannerWhen provided with the essential components, and given the necessary guidance, the body has the inherent ability to heal itself.  For many years, chiropractic has recognized this simple fact.  When we have a wound, that wound heals because our bodies have the ability to produce collagen and regenerate skin tissue.  We did not have to instruct it to perform this action.  Yet, when there is an interference with the regeneration process, proper healing is impeded.

Chiropractic understands this inborn capacity of the human body and attempts to guide it by identifying areas of hindrance and correcting them through placing emphasis on the cornerstones of health, including exercise, nutrition, diet and a sound lifestyle. It is not merely attention to one aspect of a person’s life that brings them vitality, but rather an awareness of that person with their environment.

The Science

The science of chiropractic is the effort to discover and increase the understanding of the human body and its physical, biochemical and emotional interaction. The idea of “Reductionism”, or attempting to separate the body into systems and structures independent of each other, is one that chiropractic left behind at its inception.

Moreover, as scientific discovery has advanced in many fields, it has shown that the human body is a diverse organism in which all parts are dependent on each other. Chiropractic takes advantage of this ever-growing knowledge base to provide complementary and alternative care through the application of evidenced-based research treatments.

While many years ago it was uncertain as to the benefit and efficacy of chiropractic care, numerous studies and entire peer-reviewed publications are now easily accessible and clear in there conclusion that chiropractic is a safe and viable treatment option for many conditions, not just those of a musculoskeletal nature. Equally important, it should be understood that the data acquired through research efforts in the areas of nutrition, exercise and the other mainstream disciplines allows chiropractors to provide information to their patients that is clearly a matter of fact, and not one of opinion.

The Art

The art of the Doctor of Chiropractic is the ability to understand their patient and see them for what their individual needs are. While we as humans all have common characteristics, we are also unique with our own challenges that require personalized care. We are complex beings, and as such should be treated with this understanding, rather than viewed as a person with a problem that requires a standard therapy.

Only through the skills of listening and astute observation can a doctor understand your needs and formulate a program of care that takes into account you and your environment.