Neck Pain

Neck pain is a common medical condition. It can come from disorders and diseases of the tissues in the neck, such as a strained muscle, degenerative disc disease, a compressed nerve, a herniated disc or whiplash. Neck pain is sometimes referred to as cervical pain.

People suffering from neck pain may feel anything from a dull aching pain to a sharp stabbing pain. Symptoms associated with neck pain are stiffness, tingling, numbness and/or sharp shooting pain. Neck pain can also cause dizziness, difficulty swallowing, light headedness and swollen glands, thus making it important to differentiate it from other conditions with similar findings.  Neck pain can also radiate to the shoulders and arms.

Neck pain can be debilitating and most doctors prefer to exhaust all options before committing a patient to surgery. The chiropractic approach to alleviating neck pain is to treat the underlying structural or biochemical cause.

One cause of neck pain may be subluxations.  A Vertebral Subluxation occurs when one or more of the vertebrae move out of position secondary to injury, muscular imbalances, ligament weakness, or other like causes, and thus create a dysfunctional joint complex. One of the purposes of chiropractic medicine is to identify and eliminate these subluxations.

Dr. Hill takes the time to work with each patient individually and evaluate the cause of the pain. Once the cause of the pain is determined Dr. Hill works with the patient to design a treatment plan to alleviate the pain naturally, free from surgery and medication.

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