Paleo Diet – Cult, Fad or Solution?

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Paleo Diet – Cult, Fad or Solution?

November 17th, 2010 | By

If you would like to have an idea of how most of the population feels about the Paleo Diet, link to this website / blog.  Over 40% of the people that participated in this poll felt that the Paleo Diet was a fad.  This seems astonishing to me.  However, you decide to name it, or classify it, the concept behind this diet is that you eat real foods, or those that have not been processed.
Real foods were all that were available to early man.  The conveniences of modern society and readily available food are only recent additions to mankind.  Over all of these years, mankind has been able to maintain a state of health that is relatively devoid of chronic disease.  In fact, up until the last two centuries, the major causes of death were age and infection.  This leads us to ask what is different.  The two obvious answers to this are diet and lifestyle.
Let’s say that you don’t buy into any of the above statements.  What you cannot ignore is science.  The medical literature continues to support the notion that diet high in refined foods, which typically are grains and sugars, and those foods high in inflammatory fatty acids are the ones that promote chronic disease.  I know from my experience of looking at labs in numerous patients, that those that maintain a more or less whole food or real food Paleo Diet are the one that show the greatest improvements and maintenance of their health.
As for me, I’m going Paleo!


  • Evolutionary Diet says:

    "What you cannot ignore is science."

    Maybe I'm just splitting hairs, but if by "science" you mean all the self-serving "studies" funded by BigFood and BigPharma, then, yeah, I can and do ignore them, especially when they recommend unnatural stuff like highly profitable "blockbuster" drugs and "fortified" foods.

    Like I say, I may just be splitting hairs, because when I rely on my body to tell me what I need, it always tells me to feed it real natural whole foods, and to avoid everything that comes from labs and factories.

  • Complete Care Wellness Center says:

    Your point is valid, but that is not what was meant by science. Not all studies are funded by BipPharma and Big Food and even those that are at times still uncover information that is valid, so I cannot totally "throw them under the bus". For example, I do not encourage the use of statins for the purpose of lowering cholesterol, but these studies have been valuable in exploring the physiology of cholesterol metabolism and function and showing those of us with more of a complementary approach to healthcare a method of lowering cholesterol without directly providing a cholesterol-lowering therapy.

    I am an advocate of eating real foods as I noted in the original post. These are food that we could still more or less find in nature. The basic list includes lean, health meats, eggs, nuts, seeds, healthy fats and of course fruits and vegetables. These are unrefined, pure foods and the foods that we are designed to eat.

    To the point that we can avoid food that are manufactured in a facility, we should absolutely do so.

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