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September 29th, 2010 | By

The idea of having the mentality of our hunter-gather ancestors in today’s modern world may seem unorthodox. However, many are finding success in adopting these habits and lifestyles that in many ways seem very simplistic by current standards. We have become a society far different from our early origins. Our predecessors lived off of the land and followed the influence of the daily light cycles. By living in this manner, they were able to use the influences of the environment to support their needs, both biochemically and biomechanically.

A day in the life of our ancestors would incorporate eating patterns and activities that remain in align with the way that our body continues to function to this day. With this notion in mind, a philosophy has emerged known as “Paleolithic Principles“. The core ideology of “Paleolithic Principles” is that individuals should strive to mimic the actions and habits of our ancestors as much as possible. The foods that early man ate were wholesome nutritious foods that had to be gathered from the land. Other options included taking wild game and consuming the meat. Nonexistent were refined or adulterated foods. This meant that what ever Paleolithic persons ate would act as an agent of repair and growth for the body, as opposed to refined products of today which damage the body and promote chronic disease. But this ideology is not just about eating.

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