I have been seeing Dr. Hill for a year now & looking for him & his expertise for most of my adult life.  I have always had multiple issues & problems with my well-being that certainly need to be addressed but not with medical testing & certainly not medication.  I have tried to piece together a constructive supplement program through the years by reading everything I could find that could possibly pertain to me & what I was experiencing.  I have consulted many health food store personnel,  other healthcare givers & their programs,  I have had a naturopath & taken a mountain of supplements.  I have never, until Dr. Hill, found someone with a comprehensive program & testing, that could tell me exactly what is going on in my system.  It is invaluable!  I have wanted the Spectracell test for many years & knew where I could get it, but I had no one to interpret it for me.  His program is huge.  All of this, plus the way he receives you in his office.  He is very welcoming & very easy to talk to even about most sensitive issues & he listens.


Dr. Hill is one of the most knowledgeable and sincere people I know.  Through his very detailed assessment and all of the lab testing he ordered, he has definitely put me on the road to health and recovery.  I have had joint inflammation and pain for the past 25 years and now due to his prescribed Paleo and gluten-free diet,  I have been able to discontinue all of my regular arthritis medications!  Also it has helped me to lose a few extra pounds!!!  All of my digestive issues (GERDS) are clearing (have been on meds for that as well for years).    My overall energy and stamina are improved and I have recently even joined the gym!   He is also helping me to balance my hormones naturally which in menopausal years is crucial!  In time, my hope is that I will also be able to get off blood pressure and cholesterol medications.  He has given me a whole new outlook on medicine (I am a retired registered nurse), and  I now know and believe that traditional medicine just treats symptoms and only gives temporary “fixes”.  However, functional medicine along with good nutrition and exercise can prevent many of our diseases.  I also now am juicing fruits and vegetables some days which has helped me tremendously!!!

I feel so blessed to have found Dr. Hill and know that he will help so many people to get well and experience a healthy and better quality of life!



After recently retiring, I began having health issues. After a long, miserable year of being sent to doctor after doctor, specialist after specialist, test after test, intolerable medications and no answers, I was extremely frustrated and depressed with our healthcare system. Finally, I was referred to Dr. Hill.   Unlike most traditional medical doctors who “park” you and only treat the symptoms by prescribing medications and sending you on your merry way, Dr. Hill carefully listens to his patients, identifies the cause of the symptoms and develops and explains a treatment plan based upon functional medicine. Thanks to Dr. Hill, I now have answers, a plan and am getting my life back.


Hi Dr . Hill!  I have done my detox and have managed to change my diet this last 7 months ! I am doing great – I’ve lost 17 Pounds in 4 months. 35 in 3 years! People even say I look great !! I am off my diabetic meds. This diet is great!


When I turned fifty I began experiencing small patches of rash on my back and arms. The rash progressively worsened so I scheduled an appointment with a dermatologist. They performed a biopsy and diagnosed me with Eczema, prescribing a potent steroid cream.  Both my medical doctor and a dermatologist told me that these type of conditions surface with age.  Using the prescribed cream only provided temporary relief.

I recently met with Dr. Hill. During our initial meeting, he indicated that this type of condition is usually triggered by some type of problem occurring internally within the intestinal area.  We discussed my diet and workout routine. I worked out with free weights five days a week, four days of heavy weight lifting, and one light workout day. He recommended a five day workout routine which consists of three days of heavy weight training and two days of a very light workout such as walking. He also recommended eliminating all grains and dairy products from my diet. This was a major diet and lifestyle adjustment, but I was willing to make the adjustment if it would eliminate the skin condition.

He prescribed an OMEGA supplement along with Vitamin D, B12-Folate, L-Glutamine Powder and hormone support. I immediately incorporated Dr. Hill’s recommended lifestyle changes along with the prescribed supplements and was amazed that within the first week, the rash around my neck was reduced to a mild skin discoloration with no irritation.  After experiencing five years of itching and discomfort, I am now able to sleep throughout the night no longer waking up to use lotion to alleviate the itch. No more embarrassing skin rash. The only words I can use to describe these results are “It is a miracle”.  During the latest visit with Dr. Hill I discussed my satisfaction with these great results. I am now a true believer in Dr. Hill’s methods.


After lifting weights for several months, I developed a chronic and nagging pain in my left elbow, my “funny bone” or ulnar nerve specifically.  I assumed it was similar to a “rotator cuff” issue and the only remedy would be to lay off those exercises which directly stress the elbow. (Curls, tricep pushdowns, bench press etc.)  After having my arm x-rayed to exclude a calcium deposit or spur, my GP suggested an ortho to look at my arm. I previously had used Dr. Hill for some back problems and thought I would give him a try before going to the ortho. Dr. Hill thought he could possibly resolve the issue in a few sessions.  After the first session, the pain was diminished significantly and immediately, and gone within two days. I returned one week later and the pain was now a “1 or 2” after several workouts.  The pain is no longer non-stop and usually occurs, albeit minimally, when I have a hard arm workout. So much better now…I will have one more treatment and hopefully have the matter resolved completely.  I encourage anyone involved in weightlifting or physical exercise to explore the options provided by Dr. Hill.