Understanding the Thyroid

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Understanding the Thyroid

September 29th, 2010 | By

Of all the glands in the body that are often unfairly blamed for being a culprit of a patient’s signs and symptoms, the thyroid is likely the most commonly incriminated. An instructor once told me that the thyroid gland is the most under-diagnosed abnormally functioning gland in the body while at the same time being the most over-diagnosed normal gland in the body.
Whether that is actually statistically accurate or not is a matter of another discussion, but what is true is there probably was some merit to the comment. Too often the thyroid gland is looked at very narrowly with only a quick glimpse into all the systems and cofactors that make the thyroid function normally. Instead of this narrow view of the thyroid, it should rather be looked at in the full context of all the factors and systems that may influence it.

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