Wellness Tips

Dr. Hill recommends the following three things to live healthy. There is no particular order, as they are each very important.

Eat a healthy diet

Avoid fad diets and keep it simple: eat like a cave man. If you can kill it, catch it, pick it, or gather it, you can eat it. Those are real foods that are providing nutrition that and information to our bodies to help us heal and repair. Another example might to shop the edge of the grocery store rather than in the middle. This is where your fruits, vegetables, meats, fish are found.


We were designed to move, and we know that exercise is benefical to every person. Do not overdo it in this area though. The video on the bottom of this page shows examples of easy and safe execises you can do at home.


We were designed to be active, but also to sleep, rest, repair, and recover. Many rebuilding and repair hormones are released at night and we need to take advantage of that.

Safe and Effective Exercise Options from Dr. Arland Hill on Vimeo.